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Short History

Tradition says that the recipe of the Alfeizerão sponge cake has its origin in the Monastery of Saint Mary of Coz, a female Cistercian convent founded in the 12th century by D. Fernando, the abbot of Alcobaça in Coz, a few kilometres away from Alcobaça.
Due to the persecution of the religious orders and the consequent closing down of the convent in the early 19th century, some of the nuns took refuge in Alfeizerão and passed on the recipe to a few women who lived there.
Alfeizerão is the birthplace of the nobleman and knight Vitorino Froes, a friend of King D. Carlos who came here often, dividing his time between the property in Alfeizerão and a house in S. Martinho do Porto.


Alfeizerão sponge cake

Enthronement of the members of the Casa do Pão-de-ló de Alfeizerão as confrades [brothers] of the Confraria do pão-de-ló tradicional.


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Being a bon vivant, his table was never short of the best delicacies as befits a king. The sponge cake was one of the most popular delicacies and now we enter the realm of legend and a few other short culinary «stories»: on one of the occasions when the court came here, there was such anxiety that the cake wasn't completely baked and gained its peculiar consistency and appearance. The king and the rest of the court gave such compliments to such a delicacy that, from that day onwards, it was always baked in the same way.

This is how we reached the contemporary Alfeizerão sponge cake, a conventual cake that was present at the king's table and in church auctions every time there was a festivity or a special event.
It is sold in its own shop and respecting tradition since 1925, and it is still praised by presidents and other illustrious clients who associate Alfeizerão with the famous sponge cake and with the CASA DO PÃO-DE-LÓ DE ALFEIZERÃO

Celebrating 75 years of sponge cake Alfeizerão CTT
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